Why Bangalore

Bangalore has one of the best educational institutions in India and the standard of education is considered to be very high compared to many other states in the country. It is for this reason that students graduating from the Universities in Bangalore are one of the most sought after by the multinationals, Corporates and big industrial houses.

Bangalore is a hub for education for students from all over India and many parts of the world as well. The Common Entrance Test popularly called the CET for admission into the professional course like Engineering, Medicine, Information Technology is very popular throughout the country that students from every nook and corner of India tries their might to get come out successful seeking admission to the varous institutes and colleges of Karnataka in general and Bangalore in particular. Institutions here have excelled in the deliverance of high-quality education in various disciplines to enable students to be prepared for a highly competitive working environment after graduation.

Bangalore is home to some of the world-famous Science/Research and other Premier institutes such as :

The Indian Institute of Science,
The National Centre for Biological Sciences,
The Raman Research Institute
National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS)
Indian Institute of Management
Indian Institute of Plantation Management
Indian Institute of Information Technology
Indian Space Research Organisation

Bangalore is also a leader in exports to different parts of the world. It’s textile exports, especially silk is very high and account for a large portion of state revenue. Due to a large number of granite quarries in and around the city granite exports are also very high. Sandalwood and Agarbattis (incense sticks) are also thriving businesses with exports all over the world.

Educational Institutions – Statistics

  • Primary schools – 2,772
  • High schools – 1,177
  • Pre-University schools – 209
  • Engineering Colleges – 26
  • Medical Colleges (Allopathy) – 9
  • Medical Colleges (General) – 6
  • Dental Colleges – 12
  • Law Colleges – 13
  • Universities – 4
  • Libraries – 170