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The management of the G.K. Naidu has entered into school education in the year 2004. The students of G.K. Naidu Schools, both past and present, speak for the academic excellence and allround contribution with coexistence of the modern with the ancient.

The nobel vision of the G.K. Naidu is to build up a strong edducational monument of world class importance from the pre Kinder Garten to Post Graduate level importing education in every field with the best possible infrastructure and faculty.

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The facilities and teachers are just great. I’m so excited to use them all. It’s like the dream school I ever wanted.

Daniel Smith
Madison Student


In a caring and positive environment, G.K. Naidu School will provide education to empower our students to recognize and optimize their full potential, to achieve personal standards of excellence in academic work as well as in supportive areas of physical, cultural and social development, inculcating civic and human values.


To mould the minds of the young and create in then a desire to live a full life with the concept in the modern society learn and grow contribute as honorable and worthy citizens. To develop a passion for learning and academic excellence.

Message From the Founder

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Welcome to G.K. Naidu school, an institution that rests on strong academic foundation, blended with a modern approach, that seeks to mould young minds who will make a success of themselves. We impart the students, the best character, discipline and competence.

The G.K Naidu culture stands for being sure footed in knowledge, having the confidence to take on the best in the world yet to always be grounded in the values and traditions of our country. Talents are honed through a mixture of classroom learning as well as sport, culture and other activities. This all round grooming of personality is the cornerstone of education imparted at G.K. Naidu School.

If the planets are your play balls, then this is the place to be. We believe in “The power of knowledge and wisdom”.


The Founder